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Our Company
      Sales Advantages, Inc.
      Strategic Business Partners
      Global Solutions Implementation
      Our Clients

Our Approach

Our Solutions
      Organizational and Performance
           Strategic Business Planning
           Corporate Vision
           Predictive Sales Performance
           Metric Measurement
           Sales Process Implementation
           Forecasting and Funnel Management

      Marketing and Messaging
           Value Messaging
           Strategic Account Analysis
           Buy/Sell Analysis

      Business Development
           Key Account Management
           Relationship Management
           Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
           Getting Value Recognition

      Sales Development
           Opportunity Management
           Effective Strategy Execution
           Successful Call Planning
           Making Telesales Work
           Selling Fundamentals
           Effective Selling Skills
           Presentation Power

      Customer Service and Support
           Managing Customer Expectations
           Relationship Management
           Opportunity Management

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