Delivery Options


Sales Advantages offers various delivery options for its programs and services that are determined by the client's need and the specific programs and services that comprise the solution.


On-Site Programs

Sales Advantages will work with your organization to understand your exact business objectives to deliver a program focused on your specific needs.  Each program is specifically tailored to the client's business and industry.  Customized program materials are available for organizations that wish to incorporate their mission statement and ideologies into presentations used by the program facilitator.

The benefits of this type of program delivery:

  • Can be scheduled to fit your organization's sales and travel schedule
  • May be coordinated with other group sales activities to minimize travel time and expenses
  • Provides synergy generated from having all participants from the same organization



The train-the-trainer programs are available for many of the programs offered by Sales Advantages.  This delivery method will allow individuals within your organization to be certified to deliver the selected programs.  This involves an intensive four to five day workshop for each process to be implemented.

The benefits to your organization for this type of program delivery:

  • Allows the programs to be tailored to your organization through the use of specific examples and sales experiences of the individual facilitator who has intimate knowledge of your company and industry.
  • Enables your organization to run smaller, more cost-effective programs.
  • Delivery of the programs may coincide with other sales events and may be integrated with other sales-oriented training procedure or education.


Online Learning Solutions

e-Learning programs are designed for those members of your sales organization that are new to sales and those that support your sales force, including pre-sales, product marketing, and customer support.  Selling FundamentalsSM, Strategic Selling, Conceptual Selling and LAMP are currently available in an e-Learning format.


Blended Learning

Blended learning consists of web delivery of the program concepts, theory, philosophy, and is followed by an instructor-led classroom experience that takes advantage of the brainstorming and synergy created when salespeople gather in the same room.  This approach is currently available for the Strategic Selling, Conceptual Selling and LAMP programs.

Blended learning effectively integrates e-learning technologies with traditional training methods.  It provides you with the flexibility that is often needed.