Our Approach

Sales Advantages focuses on maximizing the impact of human and organizational performance to improve your business results.  Change is everywhere -- and you must adapt to change or be left behind.  To accomplish this your marketing message development must generate opportunities and support the solutions you offer your customer, your sales team must have effective processes combined with execution skills required for sales success, your customer service and support organization must be integrated into your customer development model to ensure effective delivery and support of your solution, and your entire organization must be aligned to achieve your corporate goals.

Our work with your company involves:

  • understanding your business vision, goals and objectives, .
  • determining what skills your employees need to deliver on your organization's strategy,
  • assessing your people against those required competencies,
  • identifying the required competencies,
  • customizing a solution that will develop the required skills,
  • delivering the customized solution and then
  • measuring the impact on your organization to quantify the return on your investment.

This tailored approach to sales and organizational development ensures you have the right solution to meet all of your business challenges and support attainment of your corporate goals.

Knowledge and Abilities

The right people in the right position at the right time with the right capabilities

Process, Skills and Tools

Proven, repeatable, successful processes with proper execution skills training supported by communication tools

Success Measurement and Feedback

Assessing success and organizational impact through effectively communicated metric measurement

Management Coaching and Reinforcement

Understanding the coaching and reinforcement required to create behavioral change