Strategic Business Partners

Sales Advantages, Inc. has developed relationships with some of the premier suppliers of sales process and tactical execution programs available.  We are pleased to be associated as an Independent Sales Consultant organization and authorized representative for both Miller Heiman, Inc., headquartered in Reno, NV, and InfoMentis, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, GA.  Additionally, we are affiliated with the HR Chally Group through the Miller Heiman relationship and are a strategic business partner of TeamBuilders International, Inc. -- a global sales and marketing organization headquartered in London, Ontario.  Our relationship with these organizations allows us to offer the programs and services they provide in addition to those programs and services developed by Sales Advantages, Inc.

Our relationship with these world-class program providers allows you to work with one supplier, Sales Advantages, Inc., in determining exactly the programs, tools and services necessary to meet your corporate goals with assurances that they will be fully implemented, that they are integrated into your sales culture, and create the behavioral change you need.  Only in this way can you truly receive the maximum return on your business investment through increased revenue, increased market share and a measurable return on your shareholder's investment.


You may visit the web site of these strategic business partners by clicking on the logo